Cleaning Services

Cleaning is often an 'invisible' service, simply taken for granted by your staff and visitors.

But cleaning is also a crucial support service helping organisations to meet their business objectives by ensuring that work, shopping and leisure environments are efficient, productive, comfortable, healthy and safe.

What makes our cleaning services the right choice for you? Our extensive cleaning experience coupled with a strong customer service orientation. Our commitment to best practice/best value cleaning services. Add to that our belief in a carefully structured management approach - and you have the makings of a partnership that will meet your cleaning needs now and going forward.

And we are consistently innovativing. Our Smartclean initiative puts us in the lead in the shift to a daytime cleaning service – in the right environments, proven to deliver lower cleaning costs, higher standards and a greater sense of pride in the workplace for both our staff and yours.

When you become an spick and span customer, you gain all the benefits Quality assurance through regular onsite auditing using industry-leading technology.